SPP(Seoul Promotion Plan) 2007

2007 SPP Business Period, Venue, Supervision, Programs
Business Period May 23(Wed) ~ 25(Fri), 2007
Venue SETEC The second exhibition hall
Supervision SBA(Seoul Business Agency)
Programs SPP project competition
business meeting
Chinese Beijing Business fair
Business forum
webtoon·animation conference
opening and closing ceremony, reception

SPP 2007 Schedule

2007 SPP Schedule
Time 23Th (Wednesday) 24Th (Thursday) 25Th(friday)
10:00   Business Meeting Chinese Beijing Business fair Business Meeting Business Meeting
11:00 Animation expert forum Session 1
12:00 opening ceremony and reception  
14:00 final project competition Animation expert forum Session 2 Cartoon conference "A New Revenue Model in the Cartoon Industry as the Media Environment Changes“
15:00 Animation expert forum Session 3
16:00 final screening Animation expert forum Session 4 "Strategies for success in attracting Japanese animation capital to domestic investment"
17:00 Animation expert forum Session 5
18:00     SPP closing ceremony and reception

Promotion programs

Promotion programs SPP project competition, Business forum ,Cartoon animation conference , Run a business lounge and meeting room, Spp opening and closing ceremony and reception
SPP project competition Business forum Cartoon animation conference Run a business lounge and meeting room Spp opening and closing ceremony and reception
making the cut in 15 production of 5 countries topic presentation, Q&A topic presentation, Q&A having lounge, internet and so on held reception in event hall
Chinese Beijing Business fair Oversight
Chinese business fair promotion as Asia market event evaluation through meeting

Promotion Result

SPP development in Quantitative. qualitative part

Increasing in total participating people and project
  • - companies that registered ID : 357 (↑162%)
  • - Increasing in SPP project competition items (↑ 224%)
  • - SPP project competition : 15 production of 5 countries reaches to the final
Expansion of the number of business meeting (↑ 113%)
Increasing in the number of business consulting and contract amount
  • - Hanho Heung-Up, Pixtrend and so on, 4 companies are in talks to sign

reinforcement of SPP internationalization

Increasing in overseas buyer : 21 countries 273 people (↑263%)
Increasing in participating country SPP project competition
Opening Chinese Beijing Business fair

Summary of 2007’s result

Promotion Result
2006 2007
companies that registered ID 221 companies 357 companies
The case of Business meeting 218 cases 247 cases
participating overseas countries 15 countries 21 countries
overseas buyer 104 people 273 people