SPP(Seoul Promotion Plan) 2009

2009 SPP Business Period, Venue, Supervision, Programs
Business Period July 22(Tue) ~ 24(Fri), 2009
Venue COEX conference center
Supervision Seoul / SBA Policy business headquarters
Programs SPP project competition, 1:1 biz matching, conference, meeting with editor, Investor's network Luncheon, best project launch show ,networking event(Buyer's Get-Together, SPP Night, reception), awards ceremony.

SPP 2009 Schedule

2008 아카이브 행사일정
Time 21Th(Tuesday) 22Th(Wednesday) 23Th(Thursday) 24Th(Friday)
9:30     Business meeting   Business meeting   Business meeting
10:00 Project competition pitching 2
11:00 conference 1
12:00 conference 2
13:00 Lunch Lunch
14:00 Project competition pitching 1 Meeting with editor Project launching show conference 3 Investor's network Luncheon
15:00 conference 4
16:00 conference 5
17:00   joint procuction signing ceremony    
19:00 Buyer's Get-together SPP Night  

Promotion programs

Promotion programs project competition, meeting with editor, conference Business matching Investor's network Luncheon
project competition meeting with editor conference Business matching Investor's network Luncheon
making the cut in 20 production of 7 countries 1:1 consulting with editor topic presentation, Q&A advance 1:1 biz matching Invited by seven officials of the venture capital investment Company, which operates a specialized internal content fund
Best project launching show Networking event Awards ceremony and reception
Providing promotion opportunities about per 30 minute all buyer people participate networking party general review and award about SPP project competition

Promotion Result

Quantitative. qualitative development as Asia global cultural contents market

2009 Total participating company : 421 companies ( 115% ↑)
Global expansion of SPP project competition
  • - dig new contents in the center of Asia → can position in a new global project promotion
  • - Received production : received 83 production of 10 countries (20 production of 7 countries reaches to the final)
The only total promotion that is possible <planing, development, investment, marketing> in the Korea
  • - investment promotion fair about cultural contents fund in the internal → internal contents
  • 7 companies of investment fund participated
  • - best project launching show
Continuous development about cartoon market
  • - reinforcement of cartoonist consulting function → planning ‘meeting with editor’
  • - reinforcement of cartoon market → expansion of inviting overseas editor

Enhance of international awareness as global business market function reinforcement

Establishing management system of business matching
  • - special biz matching → advance 1:1 biz matching, producing participating company directory
  • - new establishing online homepage → activating online matching, establishing participating company DB and continual management
Reinforcement inviting buyer that is able to buy in quality
  • - total : 25 countries 147 people
Active lure for participating overseas delegation
  • - participating delegation countries : Germany, Chinese, Malaysia, Singapore

Summary of 2009’s results

‘09 final competition of production, Global network(Cartoon Network Asia), sales contract
  • - <Mixmaster2> / Sunwoo entertainment (‘09 final competition of production)
Contracting overseas joint production signing ceremony of the internal new project
  • - joint production of <Robot ARPO> / toon zip and Malaysia central line (‘07 final competition of production)
  • - joint production of <DinoVille> / toon zip and America Intercontinental Licensing
Contracting business matching
  • -MOU contract about Distribution of Licensing and copyright in Europe of <Coelf>, <Momo>/ Next key and America Animax Entertainment
Expectation follow-up investment of investment fair.
  • - <Monk> of Stonebridge Capital and SAMG Animation, <T-pang Rescue> of Vix creative studio, the investment is under review
Promotion Result
2008 2009
Total participating people 1,100 people 1,300 people
The case of Business meeting 380 cases 471 cases
participating countries 23 countries 25 countries
participating buyers 267 people 147 people