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Step 1 Registration for Biz Matching

Register as Seller

  • Project Information Animation, character, Webtoon, Game
  • Purpose of participation
  • Area of Interest
  • Investment Proposal(Optional) If you want a biz-matching with an Investment Buyer, please upload the investment proposal.
    Only approved investors can access Investment Proposals.

Register as Buyer

  • The type of project you are looking for Animation, character, Webtoon, Game
  • Purpose of Participation
  • Business Information
  • Area of Interest

Step 2 Submit and Screen projects

Step 3 Request Meetings

After you or your partner accepts meeting requests,
your meeting schedules for the meeting will be saved in your own BIZ-Matching Calendar.
If you or your partner doesn’t accept a request, you can see it on the waiting list.
Of course, You can accept or decline the requests.

Step 4 Video Conference

If your Biz-Matching is arranged, get ready to meet sellers/buyers via a Video Conference Tool.