Korea-Asean & India Business Week
SPP-ASEAN online Biz-Matching

The center of the world economy is moving to Asia. Asia is the world's growth engine. Korea-ASEAN & INDIA Business Week is a "Asian Business Exchange" involving South Korea and New Southern companies.

We pursue economic cooperation through a three-dimensional program that combines business forums, video consultation sessions, cooperative seminars, and New Southern promotion centers.

New business opportunities and amazing creativity are sprouting up all over the New South. In particular, the wave of digital economy, which is emerging in the New Southern Region, is spreading beyond Asia to the world.

As part of that, SPP-ASEAN online Biz-Matching will offer the best market opportunities that allow you to access unique contents, network with world's leading buyers & producers and discover latest market trends. SPP is where you can network, promote & acquire new content and discover potential partners on a global level.

Date 13~14 October 2020
Venue Coex B2 Exhibition Hall
Participants Business Professionals in the area of Webtoon(Webcomics), Animation, Character Licensing, Broadcasting, Investment and Distribution
Program 1:1 Online – Video conference meeting