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SBA (Seoul Business Agency)

SBA(Seoul Business Agency) is a business support institution for SMEs(Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) in Seoul, run by Seoul metropolitan government. It was established to promote and develop industries and to provide comprehensive and systematic support to SMEs located in Seoul.

Contents Division

Established in May 1999 by Seoul Metropolitan Government for the development of the Korean Contents industry. Under the management of Seoul Business Agency, Contents Division offers animation classes, production support for Animations & Games, marketing support, and animation database while hosting animation festivals as well as a number of exhibitions for the promotion of cultural contents industry.

Primary Services of Contents Division

  • Financial Support for animation, webtoon, character, game

    · Support the production of selected projects to be completed with excellent cartoons, animations, games, and character works

    · Support for creation and consulting through support for prospective enterprises

  • Support for participation in global markets

    · Host SPP and participate in international markets to support content marketing

    · Support for distribution of excellent domestic contents to help overseas expansion

  • Technical support for post-production

    · Provide state-of-the-art digital equipment for post-image work

    · Support one-stop after-work with best equipment and technology for content creators

  • Specialized education on cultural contents

    · Experience classes and programs for children and teenagers

    · Animation Imagination Education Operation in Connection with Art Textbooks in Elementary Schools

  • Operating Cartoon Museum

    · Books and video materials related to cartoons, animations, games, and character contents are retained

    · Provide information on cultural content to students, citizens and industry people