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『SPP 2017 Webtoon Award』 Open Call for Entry


 『SPP 2017 Webtoon Award』 Open Call for Entry


SPP(Seoul Promotion Plan) 2017 (July 4 (Tue.) ~ 6 (Thur.), 2017) is waiting for entries for ‘SPP Webtoon Award’

to identify and promote webtoons with robust marketability and quality, and potentials of Intellectual Property(IP) exploitation.

The award winners will be invited to pitching sessions to the audience from home and abroad official business meetings with

promising buyers in SPP 2017 event site. Award fund and trophy , as well as various promotion opportunities will be also provided.


1. Entry Qualification

ㆍEntry open for : Webtoon (Web cartoon) that is being run on domestic or overseas platform since January 1, 2016, or scheduled to start during the first half of 2017.

  ※ Multiple entries by 1 person or 1 company is allowed.

ㆍGenre of work : No restriction on genre or theme  

ㆍType of work : Web scroll or web page types are both allowed.

ㆍQualification : Agencies or creators who own publication right or negotiation right (decision right) over the work of cartoon.

  ※ Legal status of the rights over the cartoon shall be specified.


2. Entry submission

ㆍNotice Period : April 3 (Mon) 2017 ~ May 16 (Tue) 2017

ㆍSubmission Period : April 24 (Mon) 2017 ~ May 16 (Tue) 2017, by 6:00 PM

  ※Postal submission shall arrive by 6:00 PM of the day.
  ※ Make sure to meet the deadline as submission of entry will not be allowed after the deadline.

ㆍMethod of Submission : Application shall be submitted online on SPP website (www.spp.kr)

                                  and work manu and manu shall be submitted either through postal mail or visit.

                                           (*For details, see No.3 Documents to Submit.)

ㆍWhere to Submit (Contact) : Seoul Promotion Plan, 2nd floor C205, Contents Team, Seoul Animation Center,

                                                 126, Sopa-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea (Postcode 04628)

ㆍSPP Webtoon Award Contact : Kim Yon-su

    Tel) 02-3455-8363, Fax) 02-3455-8328, e-mail) sppwebtoon@sba.seoul.kr


3. Documents to Submit

Document to Submit

How to Submit

Others (Length, etc.)

① Application

 1 copy

Online submission

Fill out the application form on Submission

on the website

(*Application form will be open to starting April 25)

② Project Plan


 1 copy


Download the form from the website and fill out within

the limitation of 5 pages

(*Volume limit : 3MB)

③ Manuscript

 (1~3 episode)

At least episodes from 1-3 shall be submitted.

(Entry of more episodes is allowed.)

  ※ After submitting application online ①, document ②,③ in CD or USB shall be submitted via postal service or direct visit.

  ※ Only for the applicants from overseas, documents can be submitted via e-mail.

  ※ ② includes overview, synopsis, character introduction, planning purpose and etc.

  ※ Additional documents submission (supplementary) may be required later.


4. Time Schedule

ㆍPublic Notification : April 3 (Mon) 2017 ~ May 16 (Tue) 2017

ㆍSubmission Period : April 24 (Mon) 2017 ~ May 16 (Tue) 2017, by 6:00 PM

ㆍPreliminary round evaluation : May 23(Tue) 2017 (expected)

ㆍAnnouncement of preliminary round evaluation

- May 26(Fri) 2017 (expected)

- Individual contact and posting on SPP website (www.spp.kr)

ㆍFinal round evaluation : July 4 (Tue) 2017 (scheduled)

ㆍFinal round evaluation result announcement and award ceremony

   : SPP Award Ceremony scheduled for July 6 (Thur) 2017 (Expected)

  ※ Benefits for the entries making it to the final round

  ① A round-trip air ticket and accommodation in 5 star hotel during SPP Period for overseas applicants

  ② Pitching opportunity at SPP event for buyers, investors and evaluation judges

  ③ 1:1 business matching with buyers from home and abroad

  ④ Promotion leaflet development

  ⑤ Project directory


5. Evaluation Methods

ㆍPreliminary Evaluation

 - Judge panel will consist of around 5 experts including those from domestic drama and film production

   as well as experts from investors and the industry.

 - About 10 entries will be selected for the final round, out of the cartoons submitted.

ㆍFinal Round Evaluation

 - Judge panel will consist of about 5 experts from productions home and abroad, buyers and investors.

 - Final award winner will be selected through pitching.

ㆍCommon Criteria for Evaluation

 - Plot, quality and creativity along with potentials to be developed into OSMU


6. Award Benefits

ㆍGrand Prize : US $15,000

ㆍBest Planning : US $10,000

ㆍBest Creativity : US $10,000

ㆍAward plaque and certificate will be delivered for the winners.


7. Notice

ㆍAll the materials submitted shall not be returned.



April 3, 2017 

SBA(Seoul Business Agency)


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